Sketty, Swansea, SA2 0QG, United Kingdom


1. Effect of Latex Swelling on Ink Setting on Coated Paper

    Yang Xiang, Douglas W. Bousfield, John Kettle, Lena Hultgren, Peter C. Hayes

    Page no: 1-9


2. Two-Dimensional Simulation of the Transfer Pad in Pad Printing

    Tatyana V. Korochkina, Eifion H. Jewell, Tim C. Claypole, David T. Gethin and Mark F. J Bohan

    Page no: 10-13


3. Mechanism of Post-Print Laser Marking on Coated Substrates: Factors Controlling Ink Ablation in the Application of High Brightness Calcium Carbonate

    P.A.C. Gane, M. Buri, D.C. Spielmann, B. Neuenschwander, H. Scheidiger, D. Battig

    Page no: 14-21


4. Ink-Coating Adhesion: Factors Affecting Deposits On The CIC In 'Satellite' Type CSWO Presses When Using VAC Papers

    C.J. Ridgway, E. Kalela, P.A.C. Gane

    Page no: 22-28


5. Optimizing the Adaptive Screening Process

    Yuri V. Kuznetsov, Paul A. Wolneykien, Inna V. Kostyuk

     Page no: 29-35


6. The Optimum N-Factor Value of Yule-Nielsen Equation to Measure Dot Areas on CDs Using Waterless Offset Process with UV Inks

    Yung-Cheng Hsieh

     Page no: 36-39


7. Printing Methods for Flat-Panel Display ManufacturingPrinting Methods for Flat-Panel Display Manufacturing

    Eran Elizur, Dan Gelbart

    Page no: 40-48


8. Printing Methods for Flat-Panel Display ManufacturingPrinting Methods for Flat-Panel Display Manufacturing

    Eran Elizur, Dan Gelbart

    Page no: 49-53


9. Evaluating Systematic Print Mottle

    Carl-Magnus Fahlcrantz

    Page no: 54-71


10. Ink Gloss Development Mechanisms After Printing Part 1 - The Influence Of Ink Film Thickness

     J.S. Preston, D.J. Parsons, L.F. Gate, J.C. Husband, A. Legrix, M. Jones

     Page no: 72-95


11. Single Fluid Inks: A Literature Review

      Grant T. Shouldice, Richard R. Durand, Jr.

      Page no: 96-102


12. Influence Of Latex - Oil Interactions On Offset Ink Setting And Component Distribution On Coated Paper

      Sanna Rousu, Marika Lindstrom, Patrick Gane, Andreas Pfau, Volker Schadler, Thomas Wirth, Dan Eklund

      Page no: 103-162


13. An Experimental Investigation into Flexographic Printing Plates

      David C. Bould, Tim C. Claypole, Mark.F.J. Bohan

      Page no: 163-169


14. The Characterization of Water-Based Gravure Ink on Coated Paper

      Yasushi Ozaki & Michiharu Uchida

      Page no: 170-174


15. Stochastic Screening: What To Do When Your RIP Doesn't Support It And Comparison With Conventional Screening On An Offset Press

      Paul D. Fleming, Jason Dollak, Stephen Fryzlewicz

      Page no: 175-184


16. Determination Of Elongational Strain During Ink-On-Paper Tack Measurement: A Novel Technique To Measure Work Of Cohesion And Adhesion Of Thin       


     J Schoelkopf, P.A.C. Gane, S. Fischer

     Page no: 185-199


17. Lithographic Ink Setting On Uncoated Paper

      Helene Angellier, Douglas W. Bousfield, Emmanuel D. Dimotakis

      Page no: 200-212


18. The Leverage of Grey Balance in Controlling Perceptual and Quantitative Colorimetry

       Paul D. Fleming, Holly Jewell, Aniruddha D. Khandekar

       Page no: 213-219













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