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Sketty, Swansea, SA2 0QG, United Kingdom



1. LCD hardware characteristics of relevance for colourcritical work - Part I. Fundamental aspects of monitor quality

    Sara Leckner

    Page no: 1-14


2. The perception of gloss attributes: just-noticeable differences, sample orientation and overall quality

    Siv Lindberg, Marie-Claude Beland and Per-Ake Johansson

    Page no: 15-19


3. Visual and Colorimetric press to proof matching using the new GRACoL reference printing condition

    Abhay Sharma, Tom Collins, Ray Cheydleur, Steve Smiley and Florian Suessl

    Page no: 20-24


4. Observation of the ink penetration into coated paper by confocal laser scanning microscope

    Yasushi Ozaki, Douglas W. Bousfield and Stephen M. Shaler

     Page no: 25-36


5. Ink Trapping Evaluation in Halftone Areas

    Miroslav Fribert, Martina Taborska, Bruno Schwarzbach

    Page no: 37-49


6. Modelling Perceptual Print Quality in Complex Colour Images

    Ola H Diserud, Christine Antoine, Elisabeth L. Berli

    Page no: 50-72


7. The influence of squeegee parameters on ink deposit in UV halftone screen printing

    Eifion Jewell, Tim Claypole, David. Gethin

    Page no: 73-91


8. Modelling Colour Reproduction with Thermochromic Inks

    Linda Johansson

    Page no: 92-104


9. LCD hardware characteristics of relevance for colourcritical work - Part II. Aspects of importance for calibration and characterization

    Sara Leckner

    Page no: 105-124


10. Characterization of Penetration of Solvents into Press Blankets by Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope

      Yasushi Ozaki, Douglas W. Bousfield and Stephen M. Shaler

       Page no: 125-134


11. Creation of Customer Value Using Digital Printing in a Dynamic Business Environment

      Thomas Mejtoft

      Page no: 135-149


12. Side by Side Soft Proofing with CRT and LCD Monitors

      Veronika Chovancova Lovell, Paul D. Fleming III, Ben Starr and Abhay Sharma

      Page no: 150-161


13. Modelling Perceptual Print-through By Means of Image Analysis

      Christine Antoine

       Page no: 162-175


14. A new approach to model and characterize the heating up and spreading of toner particles trough the nip of an electrophotographic printer

      P. Vernhes, A. Blayo, B. Pineaux, J.-F. Bloch

      Page no: 176-187


15. Effect of Torque on Smash and Printability

      B. Kumar, Lalitha Jayaraman, K. Balaji., K. Krishnan

      Page no: 188-202


16. Comparison of the Surface and Print Quality of Curtain and Blade Coated Papers

      Peeyush Tripathi, Margaret Joyce, Do Ik Lee, Paul D. Fleming, Masahiro Sugihara

      Page no: 203-214